Can UK Student Accommodation Provide the Experience that Today's Students Demand?

Posted: 3 July 2013
By:Gabriel Doyne

Whilst there has been much speculation and debate about the level of university fees across the globe, it is worthy to note that the UK still remains very competitive.


Australia, the US and the UK universities are recognised as the best in the world, but how do we fair in costs? The USA is reported to charge a premium rate and it is interesting to note that the cost of the US undergraduate degree has risen by 375% since 1988; therefore students have started to demand more for their money.


Universities in the USA have realised to compete, they need to provide an experience that sells and this experience is not limited to academia. It is reported that the same has occurred in Australia and so has accommodation developed in both countries.


This pattern or trend is set to transfer to the UK with students dismissing or rejecting basic accommodation with communal bathrooms, etc.


Students Demand Better Student Accommodation

These trends and changes confirmed a desire for more modern apartment style living and good facilities. A recent survey of 1,750 students by Campus Living Villages UK found "They preferred accommodation that was comfortable, modern and included private living, learning and leisure spaces – all with unlimited Wi-Fi access, of course. We are now using this research to inform the design of new accommodation schemes in the UK, with an emphasis on a 'home away from home'."


With the increase in fees, the modern day student keen to "protect their investment" and are looking for business style environments to network and study.


Appleton Point Meets Demand for Quality Student Accommodation

Appleton Point has been designed with these demands and trends in mind. The accommodation comprises of self contained, good sized studios and this is complemented by an I.T. media centre, T.V. / games room, lounge, two study rooms and gymnasium, which provides support to students with their study / university work.


University Students Demand Better Quality Accommodation


The focus of UK universities however, must financially remain on academic services, to provide lecturers, courses, research facilities, etc., so the private sector needs to step up to provide the accommodation.


Appleton Point is available to investors for just £51,000 and provides assured 9% rental return. For further information, please click here.

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