Limited Access to Spanish Holiday Properties Amid UK Government Imposed Quarantine

Posted: 26 July 2020
By:Anthony Cliff
The new post-travel related quarantine rules were introduced just six hours after the first announcement by the government. The decision was made based on the data showing a spike in COVID-19 cases in Spain. The set of data was introduced to the government on Friday.
The quarantine applies to people returning from mainland Spain as well as Spanish archipelagos (Islands of Gran Canaria, Majorca and Ibiza). 

Bookings of holiday property in the Mediterranean, especially self-contained villas picked when Britain came out of the lockdown earlier this month.
Self-contained apartments and villas are now in demand as they are considered by travelling parties a safer and more independent alternative to hotels where common areas are the main feature of the property.
With the current Foreign Office advice - avoid all but essential travel to mainland Spain travel insurance companies will impose restrictions on their offer that are likely to damage the early signs of recovery. Bookings are expected to drop in favour of other locations keeping holiday homes and apartments empty for the remaining summer weeks.
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