Trading Markets on Approach to The US Presidential Elections

Posted: 19 October 2020

Dow Jones is edging its best performances from February, but at this same time is testing Charles Dow's theory with some warning signs which shows how volatile the market is on the approach to the presidential elections.

The Septemeber's low 26,537 and February high 29,551.42 are the two figures to watch in the coming months. However, in two weeks, we have a voting fiesta already in full swing.

Trading Markets on Approach to The US Presidential Elections
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The Trump vs Biden show is already traced and watched on the digital trading platforms, and digital media used broadly by investors. Although the main impact is on the CFD and FX trading mainly in the USD zone, the UK property investors (many playing already a longer game with various Brexit scenarios) are going to be able to benefit from these short term election-related fluctuations. Many FX providers offer now alert services for currency volatility. Property experts using this type of simple messaging services can save up to 5% on the purchase of overseas property (recent GBP - EUR fluctuation during Brexit talks in September 2020) during political battles like the one we are approaching now on 3rd November 2020. Senior trader from one of the major FX providers in the UK says that in the digital age, you do not need to trade currencies to save or earn money. It is enough that you are listening to the messages that digital platforms are sending to your phone. He added that Planning transfer of some substantial amount to other currency in the current political climate is easier with digital FX services providing currency volatility alerts and other tools to help organise our investment funds more efficiently [KK}.