Thousands of Students Ready for University This Results Day

Posted: 14 August 2014
By:Gabriel Doyne

As thousands of A Level students receive their exam results today, private student accommodation developments have seen applications soar.


Students Seek University Accommodation


UCAS, the university admissions service, is reporting that so far that 396,990 places have been won by students, a 3% increase on last year's figures. According to the BBC, the 2014/15 academic year will see the highest number of students to begin courses at university. 30,000 additional places will be on offer for this autumn's intake, with predictions that the total number of places allocated will exceed 500,000 for the first time.


As these students prepare to attend their chosen university, finding available accommodation can be difficult. Often, university provided accommodation choices are only reserved for students who select the institution as their first choice. This means that those who fall short of the grades for their number one choice still face the difficulty of trying to secure their chosen accommodation, often leading to students being dissatisfied with the option they are offered by the university.


The increased oversubscription of university provided accommodation means that private sector developments built specifically for students offer an excellent alternative. Often providing newer residential spaces and state of the art facilities, these developments are becoming increasingly popular amongst first year and returning students.


With this morning's results, these developments have seen a rise in applications as students look for the best accommodation for them this coming academic year.


Immediate Income Student Accommodation Investments


With this year's A Level students due to begin their university studies in a matter of weeks, Principal International is pleased to offer a number of student accommodation investment opportunities that can offer immediate returns.


With the final release of units at Appleton Point, investors will benefit from a 9% NET rental return and 5 year rental assurance. This property investment opportunity will be fully managed by one of the largest national operators of student accommodation in the UK ready for the start of the 2014/15 academic year.


Located in the heart of the city, the Cheapside Liverpool development will also be completed for the upcoming academic year. Offering an 8% NET rental return, 5 year rental assurance and full management by an experienced student accommodation provider, Cheapside is a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on the buoyant student accommodation market.

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