Birmingham Named in World's Top 20 of Places to Visit

Posted: 1 August 2013
By:Christopher Webber

Birmingham has been named within the world's top 20 places to visit by the New York Times, highlighting it as the UK's "foodiest town".


Birmingham Top Global Destination


Birmingham was placed on the world's top 20 places to visit, alongside Florence, Tokyo and San Diego by the influential newspaper.


The city's "Food Fest" in October has earned Birmingham global recognition, receiving praise from Olive food magazine. The 10 day food festival brought together Michelin starred chefs, including Glynn Purnell of Purnells, Aktar Islam of Lasan Restaurant and David Colcombe of Opus.


Birmingham was the only UK city outside of London to be named in this high profile listing and as a result, it is now attracting a lot of international attention from its culinary scene.


Birmingham has a strong reputation for its dining experience, made famous by the legendary balti. The New York Times commented, "The chefs are building on an already rich dining scene. Birmingham is famous in Britain for its Balti Triangle, an area of town that is home to a beloved Pakistani-Kashmiri curry dish invented here."


Chief Executive of Marketing Birmingham, Neil Rami, who manages Birmingham Food Fest said, "Birmingham has worked hard to improve its reputation as a visitor destination in recent years by showcasing amongst other attributes, our fantastic and diverse food offer. Our Michelin star chefs and fine dining restaurant scene have catapulted the city into the culinary spotlight, while the diversity and innovations of our independent eateries are ensuring the city remains at the cutting edge and offers something for everyone."


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