Several price increases due in Turkey

Posted: 11 April 2008
Currently our developments at Flora Apartments in Dalaman and Hazel Apartments in Calis are currently being sold at between 10 and 17% less than the market value price.

We have just been informed by the developer that these prices will be going up by the end of the April 2008. This has come about due to the popularity of these sites, and I thought it was only fair to tell you about it.

To give you an idea,
a 3 bedroom apartment on Flora Apartments priced at £69,000 is actually valued at £82,000, so we are actually selling this property at almost 16% less than market value.

Add to that a conservative estimate of a 10% price increase per annum (this has been forecast anything between 15 and 30% by various publications and authorities) up until completion which is a shadow over two years: Yield=£17,220

3 years guaranteed rentals of 6% of the property purchase price per annum: Rentals = £12,420

Add to that three years growth whilst the guaranteed rentals are being carried out: Yield = £32,842

Total estimated value of property by June 2013: Value = £132,062

Total profit made by you, including yield and rental income: Profit = £75,482

Total investment by you, being 35% of purchase price: Deposit on property=£24,150

It doesn't matter if you've are buying for a holiday home or buying purely for investment, this is very good news!!

You can view further details on these two developments through the links here:

Flora Apartments -:-Hazel Apartments


you can register your interest through these links and we will call you straight away to run through in more detail these great opportunities,
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