Buy to Let in The Bahamas, Caribbean

Posted: 16 September 2008
By:Christopher Webber

If you are used to the Buy to Let model for investment property, then this gem in the Bahamas could well be for you. With executive banking tenants looking for high quality rental property - this suits perfectly. Find out more from: Beach Front Apartments in the Bahamas

Why The Bahamas?

In the warm Atlantic Ocean south east of the U.S. and to the north of Cuba. An Archipelago consisting of seven hundred islands covering an area of 100,000 square miles with a total population of 300,000 + the capital city being Nassau, located on New Providence island.

The modern political system follows closely that of the U.K, being a former colony from back in the days of piracy when Blue Beard harassed mainly Spanish shipping - rich pickings indeed! The modern economy thrives as a tax free business haven and a major international tourist destination. With wonderful blue waters, warmed the year round by the gulf stream, golden sandy beaches and shady pine forests, for some it is the ultimate paradise destination.

In recent times the Government has streamlined its bureaucracy, setting up the Bahamas Investment Authority, a scheme to help mentor and fast track relevant investment proposals from foreign investors. Since the inception of the 1994 International Persons Landholding Act, the real estate market has leapt back to life, making it the ideal place for holiday home or buy to let investment. With an annual gross rental yield of between 8% and 11.4% and a buoyant market, this is a very good medium term investment with a lower than average risk potential.

Why not see if the Beach Front Apartments in the Bahamas is for you?

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