Latest Buccament Bay Construction Photos 2010

Posted: 1 February 2010

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Foundation works on the waterfront area continues at speed with a special construction crew designated to this area. The below image shows the foundations of the Trader Vic's Restaurant coming out of the ground and the area technical drawing gives an indication of the location in the grander scheme. Build is on schedule to have the bulk of the building works completed in this area within 4 months. The building position here shows the extent to which the beach reconstruction will form new land allowing the pools and beach club to cascade over incremental walkways down to the new beach line and water's edge.

Pictures of the far end of the beach illustrate the extent to which the beach reconstruction is now forming new land with substantial new dry beach and wet beach areas being created. This process moves forward in line with the construction schedule of the breakwaters beneath the waterline that will protect the beach from any surges and hold the white sand which will arrive in the coming months. Engineering and modelling work for this was carried out by world leading marine architect and construction teams at Baird and Associates.

Block 3 work continues and casting has now been complete for the 3rd floor which will be lifted into place and completed over the coming weeks.

Block 1 (Waters Edge) Foundations can be seen in coming out of the ground and casting has begun for the first floor panels. Overall block development continues on target and the team at ICE construction has two new high powered cranes on site to harness and lift floors into place.

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