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Limited Availability - $90,000 Saving in Bacolet Bay, Grenada

Posted: 28 January 2010

Unexpectedly, just 5 units have become re-available on the ever popular Bacolet Bay development in Grenada. These 864 Sqft Hotel Cottages boast the limited ‘15% in now, 30% out on completion’ deal, which many investors deemed to be the best property deal of 2009!

  Whilst you are required to pay 15% deposit now, this 15% would be returned to you on Completion of the project (Q1 2011).  The process is : - 

  • 15% Down as deposit (15% in)
  • 85% due on Completion (70% loan to value mortgage + 15% developer loan)
  • 3 years guaranteed rental of 10% - paid in advance on completion. (30% out, 15% of which is used to repay the developer loan and 15% is paid to the client to repay their original deposit!)

PLUS, your mortgage and maintenance fee is paid for the first 3 years. Investors are entitled to 28 days personal usage per year.  Launch prices are applicable on these limited units - @ $460,000 they represent a $90,000 saving based on today’s value.  For further details visit:  Bacolet Bay Hotel Cottages